Cuisines from all over the world, brought together at one place at theIrrawaddy.

The cuisine on offer at the Irrawaddy range from European, Chinese, Thai andMyanmar, lovingly prepared by international master chefs for the discerningpalates with some of the regions finest ingredients .

Delight your taste buds with the cuisine of ancient Bagan with an array ofunique and delicious traditional dishes which have been appreciatedthroughout the centuries by the people Myanmar.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to take a culinary adventure and try on thesweets and desserts of the region after each meal.

Enjoy a leisurely, delicious lunch in the elegant ambience in the airconditionedindoor restaurant at Amata.

But dine under the stars in evenings. The dining experience is accompaniedwith the lively cultural shows in the gardens at Amata Boutique House, stagedin front of rows of ancient spot-lit Bagan Temples.

The cultural experience includes colorful marionettes, the graceful Bagan-eradances and the traditional Burmese orchestra playing Myanmar music withoutgilded instruments.

Group bookings can be arranged at Irrawaddy Fine Dining.

Operations Hours: 10 am – 10 pm

Seating Capacity: indoors 170 outdoors 200